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Über mich: Biografie


I have big goals, and an even greater motivation.

Simon Corchia is a young and ambitious actor. In July 2023 he obtained the specialized baccalaureate in the profile theater.

Simon Corchia was born on June 18, 2003 in Zurich and grew up in Winterthur Veltheim. Already as a young boy he set himself the goal to become an actor. He made his first theater experiences in the U16 of the Junges Theater Winterthur and started after elementary school (2019) the specialized secondary school in Winterthur in the profile theater, which he graduated in 2023.

In the course of this education he occupied himself with numerous side jobs in the acting genre. This ranges from being an extra to acting in music videos, commercials and short films. 

In his assignments, Simon Corchia always makes sure to fulfill the task with great accuracy, dedication and respect.

Über mich: Text

Personal details

Date of birth : 06/18/2003

Height : 173 cm

Weight:  77 kg

Eye color : brown-green

Hair color :  dark brown

Nationality : Swiss

Origin:  Switzerland, Germany, Italy

Languages :

Swiss German (mother tongue), 

German (fluent)

English (good)

French (basic knowledge)

Italian (basic knowledge)

Native dialect : Winterthur (Zurich)

Singing : bass-baritone

Instrument : piano

HobbiesSports, Reading, Singing, Painting

Driving license :  category B

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